Our Jack Frost bar smells just like a frosty winters morning! We blended some bright citrus notes including lime, lemon and orange to create an effervescent fragrance with middle notes of rich agave greens, hibiscus and plumeria sitting on base notes of musk and sandalwood to create a clean, brisk, snowy morning kind of soap. Kaolin Clay adds a beautiful lather to this bar while cocoa butter moisturizes dry, winter skin.


Our bars are all hand crafted in small batches made from high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Each bar contains over 60% moisturizing oils and butters and our very own vitamin rich goats milk, produced right on our farm. Our soaps are allowed 2 full months to cure, this creates a PH level thats gentle and closest to your skins natural balance, allowing you to wash away harmful germs without stripping your skin's beneficial bacteria. Our coloring and fragrances are skin loving additives and come from all natural sources that are ALWAYS pthalate, sulfate and cruelty free. 

Jack Frost Body Bar